The monotony of running, repetitive aerobics classes and trips to the gym is sending you to sleep... It's time to wake yourself up and get yourself over to BOUNCERCISE! There is no other class like this around, you will bounce yourself to health ON FULL SIZED TRAMPOLINES

We use simple exercises on the trampoline combined with exercises on the floor to get your lungs, heart and muscles working more efficiently. Rebounding is great for your balance and co-ordination, helps improve bone density, along with strengthening your muscles to help support your joints.

Studies have also shown that the forces placed upon the body during rebounding have a positive effect on your lymphatic system, which is linked to your immune and digestive system, and aids the absorbtion and transportation of fatty acids. It is believed that you burn twice as many calories bouncing as you do running, and the impact on your joints is significantly reduced too!

Anyway, enough of the physical effects, it is mega fun, full of lovely people and the small group sizes mean you will get all the help and support you need.